Issue 11

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I was captivated in your optical constellations
an entire congregation awed at your nebula veil
I was sightless, blinded in a solar suspense until
you kissed and shaded me from a lunar eclipse
I aimed for you my moon and fell crippled
in your craters – I shot for you but on the way
I fell in love with the beauty of the stars too
Don’t make me cull my lunar love
doesn’t conform to ecliptic expectations
the Milky Way knows not of monogamy
Let us dance with the stars and sway beyond
our celestial sphere into an orbit of our own
A nova has no resemblance to the source
of my merriment – I’m your world, you’re my moon
a sometimes star would only brighten our universe
Written By: Kaylah Morgan

Today – Dec 20th


I’m a graduate now, an alumni of Georgia Southern University….

It feels good to say that I have accomplished something like earning my B.A., and that I am no longer a black female statistic..

But where will I go now, what is my destiny?

My life is in Gods hands…